Marital Settlement Agreements in New Jersey

Guidance from Our NJ Attorneys for Your Property Settlement Agreement

In New Jersey, the vast majority of divorce cases resolve by way of settlement. When this occurs, the parties enter into what is known as a Marital Settlement Agreement (“MSA”) or, interchangeably, Property Settlement Agreement (“PSA”) to memorialize the terms of their agreement as to each and every matter at issue in the dissolution of their marriage.

These matters can include (but are not limited to):

If you believe that you and your spouse can come to one of these agreements to dissolve your marriage, our firm can guide you through the process. Contact Ziegler, Resnick & Epstein at (973) 878-4373 today.

Avoiding Protracted Litigation

The public policy of New Jersey, like many other States, is to encourage settlement of litigation. As set forth in the Appellate Division case of Tahan v. Duquette, 259 N.J. Super 328, 336 (App. Div. 1992), “no stranger in a judicial robe, however able and well-motivated he or she may be, is equipped to make a decision as valid” as the parties working together to reach a resolution. As such, with few exceptions, the terms of an agreement reached between divorcing litigants is generally, strictly enforced by the Court.

At Ziegler, Resnick & Epstein, our skilled and experienced team is available to help you negotiate and memorialize the terms of an agreement to resolve your divorce and move on with your future. It is still critical that both parties have a proven Livingston matrimonial lawyer by their side for this process to not only assist with administrative requirements but also to look out for their best interests as terms are negotiated.

It is possible to complete the divorce process swiftly, efficiently, and with as little conflict as possible. Contact our team today to request an initial case evaluation.

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