High Conflict Divorce

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Many divorces can be logistically and emotionally challenging, but some of them can come with more conflict and animosity than others. When this happens, litigation is often needed to submit arguments to the court so a judge can resolve the contested issues. That is why it is so critical that each party in these cases retain legal counsel that is ready to go the distance for them and fight to resolve their high conflict divorce as favorably as possible.

At Ziegler, Resnick & Epstein, our legal team is compassionate to the needs and concerns of our clients has they navigate their divorce but is ready provide fierce representation in the courtroom when necessary. In many cases, we welcome the opportunity to assert our clients' rights and interests before the court and compellingly put forth the reality of their circumstances.

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What Is "High Conflict" Divorce?

In modern divorce, couples usually have the opportunity to come to an agreement on the terms of their divorce, whether it be custody and parenting time, division of property, and so on. These proposed agreements can then be submitted to the court, approved, and ratified into the divorce decree.

However, not all couples can agree on these terms and, when they can't negotiate with one another, it is up to the court to assess the circumstances of each party and decide a reasonable post-marriage arrangement for them. These are considered "high conflict divorce" cases because it is alleged that one spouse is trying to edge some kind of unreasonable advantage over the other and they reach an impasse that only the judge can resolve.

High conflict divorces often involve:

Unflagging Advocacy in the Courtroom

In these high conflict divorces, both parties will have the chance to submit arguments and evidence to the court on what they believe the contested divorce terms should be. At Ziegler, Resnick & Epstein, not only are we familiar with this litigation process but have also stepped in mid-divorce to assist clients grappling with their high conflict divorce and assert their stake in an equitable, fair resolution.

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